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Useful sites* for learning about ancient art, architecture, and material culture
*for museum websites, see this page 


Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

A great place to start if you are new to the ancient world. 

SmartHistory: The Center for Public Art History​

Essays about individual artworks and periods of art. Aimed at undergraduate and high school students, as well as museum visitors, grad students, and informal learners. 

Peopling the Past

Blog and v-blog posts about various aspects of life in the ancient world 



Greek & Roman

Metropolitan Museum of Art's Greek and Roman Art Page

Collection of the museum's resources related to ancient Greek and Roman art, including links to highlights, blog posts, videos, publications, and more.

Atlas of Roman Construction Techniques

Beazley Archive

Greek vases, ancient gemstones, and more


Pompeii in Pictures

Useful resource for all things Pompeii and Bay of Naples

Rogue Classicism

Blog with a daily roundup of links to news, blog posts, new podcasts and more related to the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. 

Classical Atlas Project

Online resources related to ancient geography and cartography



Digital Egypt for Universities

Hosted by the University College, London, a useful resource for all things Ancient Egypt.

Preserving Egypt's Layered History

A collaborative project between the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) and Google Arts & Culture, this site presents short articles, videos, and virtual tours related to the study of ancient Egypt.​

Metropolitan Museum of Art's Ancient Egypt page

Collection of the Museums various resources for the study of Egyptian art, including links to collection highlights, videos, essays, and publications.

Meketre Scene Repository

Digital index of tomb painting scenes from the Middle Kingdom, Egypt

Theban Mapping Project

Everything about the Valley of the Kings, Egypt: Maps, plans, photos, articles, bibliography

AEGARON: Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online

Standardized architectural drawings of select buildings from ancient Egypt, ranging from workmen's houses to temple complexes, dating from the Old Kingdom through Late Antiquity. Created by UCLA.

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology

Short articles on various topics of ancient Egyptian language, history, and culture; aimed at the more advanced student.


Western Asia/Near East/Middle East

Metropolitan Museum of Art's Ancient Near Eastern Art page

Collection of the Museum's various resources for the study of the art of the Ancient Near East, including links to highlights, blog posts, videos, publications and more.

The Ancient Near East Today

Well-written short articles by leading scholars on a variety of topics related to life in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, aimed at a non-specialist audience.

Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses

A guide to fifty most important deities that appear in Mesopotamian literature and art.

Encyclopedia Iranica

Articles on the past and present of Iranian speaking peoples and their contribution to global history and culture. Lots of good stuff here related to the ancient Persians, Elamites, Parthians, Sassanians, and others. Frequently used by specialist students and researchers, but the information is accessible to the beginner.



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