Digital Collections, Atlases, and Repositories

(still under development)

Online Museum Collections

The Louvre Collection Online

Newly launched in 2021 (replacing the old "Atlas" database), this online collection contains over 480,000 entries, and is being updated continuously. The site has both browse and search functions, as well as themed albums.

Note: search seems to work correctly only in french, so if you are a non-francophone, use google translate to find out your search terms in French.

The British Museum Collection Online

Newly designed and launched in 2020

Digital Acropolis Museum

The Digital Acropolis Museum includes pictures of over 2000 objects in its collection, and is in the process of digitizing all of their records and archaeological notebooks (as of Feb 2021). 

Link to the collection:

The Metropolitan Museum Collection Online

Collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

The Getty Online

Antiquities in the collection of the J. Paul Getty museum in Los Angeles


Other Online Resources

Atlas of Roman Construction Techniques

Theban Mapping Project

Everything about the Valley of the Kings, Egypt: Maps, plans, photos, articles, bibliography

Beazley Archive

Greek vases, ancient gemstones, and more

Meketre Scene Repository

Digital index of tomb painting scenes from the Middle Kingdom, Egypt