Immerse Yourself in Art

Have you ever gazed into a painting in a museum, wishing you could walk into that world? Well if you are in Tokyo between April 17 and August 12, you can! The Terrada Art Complex in Shinagawa will be hosting an "Immersive Museum", a digital art exhibition projecting impressionist masterpieces—such as Monet's Water Lilies and works by Degas, Renoir, Pissaro among others—in a way that will allow visitors to be completely immersed in the work of art.

From their website (translated from Japanese courtesy Google Translate):

Impressionism is an art that explores drawing light. An instantaneous color change, dazzling shine. Monet and Renoir tried to fasten them to the canvas with a fine touch. Enjoy such an impressionist worldview with modern technology. That is the immersive museum. At the end of his life, Monet envisioned a giant picture of a water lily, creating a space around the wall of an oval room. That is the water lily space at the Orangerie Museum. In the Orangery building, which was a greenhouse, light comes in from the glass ceiling. A space where you can feel as if you are sitting in a water lily pond in a pleasant light. Monet, who continued to pursue light for the rest of his life, ultimately aimed for a place where he could immerse himself into the world of painting with light. About 100 years since Monet's idea. The Immersive Museum, created using 21st-century video technology, expresses a new impressionism, further evolving from the world that Monet dreamed of. Small touches are magnified, danced, surround us, and enter the modern Impressionist world. Here you can meet the microscopic world of paintings that cannot be found in regular exhibitions and art books. It can be said to be a valuable place where you can experience an art like never before.

Would love to see something like this for some ancient Roman wall paintings, perhaps the painting of Perseus and Adromeda from the Imperial villa at Boscotrecase?

At any rate, if you visit, please let us know what you think in the comments below!

What: The Immersive Museum

Where: Terrada Warehouse G1 Building TERRADA Art Complex, 1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

When: 17 April 2020 - 12 August 2020

Website: (at this time only in Japanese)

- JN