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6 Free eBooks on Near Eastern Art

Art textbooks are expensive. Fortunately, museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Getty Museum have started to make their publications freely available for download. Occasionally other open access books pop up too. Here are 6 books that are great for beginners and have excellent illustrations.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2010

Provides a useful general overview of important themes in Ancient Near Eastern art illustrated by objects from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collections.

Joan Aruz and Ronald Wallenfels (eds.)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2003

Art and artefacts related to the emergence of cities, from the early cities of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Aegean, western Anatolia, North Caucasus, the Gulf region, Iran, and the Indus area.

Joan Aruz, Kim Benzel, and Jean Evans (eds.)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2008

Art and artefacts reflecting elite trade amongst the major kingdoms of western Asia, Egypt, and the Aegean during the Middle and Late Bronze Ages (2nd millennium BCE).

Prudence O. Harper, Prudence O., Joan Aruz, and Françoise Tallon (eds.)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1992

Essays on the history and art of ancient (Susa) in Iran, during the 2nd and 1st millennia BCE.

Michael Pfrommer

J. Paul Getty Museum, 1993

Silver and gold objects, including drinking horns, bowls, cups, jewelry and other decorative items, from ancient Western and Central Asia.

Ruth Ezra, Beth Harris, and Steven Zucker (eds.).

Smarthistory, 2019

Collection of all articles on the Smarthistory website relating to ancient Mesopotamia and Iran (up to ~330 BCE). Aimed at readers new to the subject.


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